Pastel painting is a natural choice for my artwork, since it combines my love for drawing and rich color in one. Drawing skills are essential to my work, and require daily practice. Before a painting begins, I have successfully drawn the subject, created the composition, and chosen the colors. My preparation for the painting can sometimes take as long to accomplish as the painting itself. But the preparation is worthwhile, for in the final stage it enables me to focus purely on the joy of painting.

Color is also a key ingredient in my paintings. I usually choose a warm color palette, and keep the colors as pure as I can. I particularly enjoy capturing the light and shadows on my subjects, and the abstract shapes that evolve, even though the painting itself is done in a realistic style. The colors I use are rich and saturated, and heavily applied on the surface.

The point of view is another important aspect of my paintings. I use traditional methods to look at my subjects in a slightly different way; by using light and color I can give an old masters feel a new look.
Today my work is mostly in pastel, but I also work in oil and colored pencil. I choose to work in a representational style, focusing presently on still life, florals and portraits.